HOW TO STEAL AN ELECTION: The Inside Story of How George Bush’s Brother and FOX Network Miscalled the 2000 Election and Changed the Course of History
ISBN# 1560259299

This is the inside story of how Jeb Bush persuaded the Fox network to call the presidential election for his brother George W. Bush on Election Night 2000. It was one phone call to Fox — the details of which are revealed in this book for the first time — that propelled George W. Bush into the leading position for 43rd president of the United States. Even though the erroneous statement had to be retracted within two hours, the damage done by this false call to Al Gore’s chances of winning the election were incalculable.



Format: Paperback, 210 pp Pub Date: September 2006

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  • "This book, by a career pollster who lost his job at Gallup for writing it, returns to the scene of the primal crime: the theft of the presidency from the votes of the American people in 2000. "Through his professional contacts as a polling expert, David Moore pieced together how the calling of the election for George W. Bush by FOX News in 2000 was not motivated by data, but by a phone call to John Ellis -- a first cousin of George W. Bush -- from Jeb Bush, also Ellis's first cousin… "Moore has the professional bonafides to make his case stick… He not only has the professional expertise to debunk the rush to judgment by first FOX and then the rest of the television stations in 2000, he had the professional contacts to get eyewitness corroboration of what happened that evening in the rooms where the different 'experts' called the election for Bush -- thus making his election appear inevitable.… "This is an important book, from a polling professional, who was personally present that evening at the CNN/CBS election desk -- and who now reveals what truly came down on election eve 2000."

  • “In this priceless case study of the 2000 presidential election, polling insider, David W. Moore, engages the reader with a riveting account of how the Bush family manipulated its insider cousin, John Ellis and the Fox News decision team (“Jebbie says we got it!”) into making an erroneous network projection call that transformed the reality of an election too close to call at 2:16 a.m. into the illusion that George W. Bush was the “winner”, creating a post-election, psychological obstacle that became essentially insurmountable for “sore loser,” Al Gore. “Combined with his recounting of the felon disenfranchisement program instituted by Florida officials before the election and the legal maneuvering by Bush’s army of attorneys after the election, culminating in the coup de grace by the five Republican justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, Moore’s tale of election night misjudgments will make it difficult for all but the most closed-minded readers to disagree with the author’s verdict that “Election 2000 was indeed stolen.”


    George Bishop Professor of Political Science, University of Cincinnati, and author, The Illusion of Public Opinion
  • “A minute by minute account of how the critical state of Florida got called and miscalled in the pivotal 2000 presidential election.  David Moore gives us an inside look into the competitive tensions that drive network journalism.  His accounting of that tension rings true to anyone who has been at a network decision desk on election night.”

    Cliff Zukin Professor of Public Policy and Political Science at Rutgers University, and co-author of A New Engagement?: Political Participation, Civic Life, and the Changing American Citizen